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FCC Hosting Services DNS/Nameserver Information


This article shows Fastcomcorp Hosting Services nameserver information. It is intended for customers who have previously registered their domain name with a third-party domain registrar, such as GoDaddy, and who want to use their domain name with a our hosting service.

Nameserver information 

If you want to point a domain to Fastcomcorp Hosting Services, it is recommended that you first set up the domain on your server here. Upload your website content and set up your email addresses. Preview your site, using your access domain or IP address, to make sure it is functioning correctly. 

Once everything is set up, you can easily point your domain to Fastcomcorp Hosting Services by updating your nameservers with your registrar to the following: 





Normally, the above information is sufficient information for most registrar systems. Some registrars may require that you also supply the associated IP addresses for each nameserver as well. In this case, the following should be used: 

Primary Server Hostname: NS1.PLEXIUSDNS.NET IP Address:

Secondary Server Hostname: NS2.PLEXIUSDNS.NET IP Address:

Third Server Hostname: NS3.PLEXIUSDNS.NET IP Address:

Fourth Server Hostname: NS4.PLEXIUSDNS.NET IP Address:

*Our DNS hosting service is a Global Anycast DNS Network. Comes with DDoS protection.

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